3 Tips For Safe Car Lighting

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80% of the information we receive when driving comes through our eyes. For this reason, the correct regulation of the lighting system is essential to see enough without dazzling other drivers.

The right height

Periodically check the height of the headlights, position lights, turn signals and brakes. If the headlights are set too high, you will dazzle others, especially when the vehicle is loaded. On the other hand, if the headlights are set too low, there is a lack of visibility, which is accentuated when braking and increases visual fatigue.

Another aspect to take into account is the fixing of the lamps and headlamps, because if they are poorly fixed they can generate vibrations that will eventually destroy your lamp.

Earth in Sight

If the headlights or optics are dirty, the illumination distance and the distance from which it is seen are reduced. Just a layer of dust can reduce efficiency by 10%. Therefore, keep the lenses clean to allow good visibility and avoid reflections and glare. Some vehicles are equipped with a headlight washer system that, 

activated by the driver, keeps the surface clean. In addition, make sure that moisture and condensation do not accumulate inside the headlights and optics because they can also impair the operation of these elements.

Intensity and efficiency

It is advisable to check the intensity of the lights and replace the lamp if it is deficient. This preventive practice will allow you to have optimum visibility at all times and you will not be surprised by a sudden lamp failure. Therefore, if one of them should fail to work, both should be replaced, as replacing only one would result in uneven illumination.


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